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We design tools to enable people to think and create whenever inspiration takes them.

Tikky by rOtring

Boldly bring ideas to life!

Creativity is a bold expression of originality, so it’s vital that writing and drawing instruments help ideas stand apart. Tikky by rOtring offers distinctly different technical pens and pencils.

In 2017, rOtring introduced an exciting new range of mechanical pencils. The updated range offers a consistent look and feel to the brand with neon colours for a more modern and edgy look.

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tikky mechanical pencils | rOtring SA | rOtring Range
tikky mechanical pencils | rOtring SA | rOtring Range

Mechanical Pencils

A purposefully designed creative tool

Engineered with precision for optimum performance. A problem solving tool, capturing thoughts and a device to communicate creative visions.

rOtring has a wide range of analog and hybrid mechanical pencils to help getting the idea out.

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Mechanical Pens

Professional high precision pens

A rOtring technical pen is a professional high precision pen that offers unique drawing technology, available in 13 different line widths, with colour coding in compliance with ISO standards.

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